The EMPower Package- Empowering Mothers, Providing Options With Education & Relaxation


EMPower for Birth

Giving birth is one small but fundamental part of the journey throughout parenthood. Being prepared at the outset makes the process smoother, calmer and much more enjoyable.

Preparing yourself for the birth of your baby is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. By learning all there is to know about the natural process of birth allows you to take control, to birth the way you want and understand the wonderful workings of your own body.

“Empower” is defined within  as giving someone the power to do something, to make them stronger by allowing them to be more confident in controlling their own life and wishes. You will be empowering yourself, by understanding all there is to know and accessing all the options available to you.

The EMPower package will be there to support you, your partner and/or birthing partners through birth preparation. It will provide information that is relevant to you and your own experience. It provides the options to support your own experiences with tools such as knowledge and relaxation techniques.

Being a part of EMPower you will:

  1. Feel much more prepared for your labour and birth
  2. Feel more confident and in control of your own experience
  3. Be able to understand the physiological changes and processes that birth entails
  4. Learn the skills to help you birth the way you want to and reduce the need for medical intervention
  5. Continue to bond with your baby throughout the process
  6. Work together with your partner and/or birthing partner to achieve a positive birth for all involved


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EMPower to prepare for Breastfeeding 

The EMPower breastfeeding audio download has been developed for expectant mothers. Empower (Empowering mothers providing options with education and relation) is a programme that at present consists of two audio downloads which offer preparation for labour and birth, more are being developed.
The breastfeeding download consists of a relaxation containing Baby Friendly information which includes attaching your baby onto your breast, close loving relationships and skin to skin. This download will sit alongside all the conversations you will have during your pregnancy with your midwife. The download enables you to settle back, relax within the comfort of your own home and enjoy being with your baby, feeling your baby move, interacting with your baby. Relaxation helps release endorphins, these are our feel good hormones. Pregnancy is about building a relationship with your baby.


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Thank you to Maria Williamson, [email protected] for her hardwork and dedication to this project.


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