Around 74% of women in East Lancashire will start off breastfeeding their baby – the first feed can be a wonderful time to feel close to your baby and give him/her your protective first milk.

Feeding is not only a source of nutrition, but also of love, comfort and reassurance between baby and mum. Responsive feeding, is about responding to your baby’s cues to feed. Responding to babies’ needs for comfort and food is hugely beneficial for brain development and makes for more confident toddlers.


Guide: Building a Happy Baby by Unicef


“Colostrum is the name of the ‘first milk’ produced and it is very powerful and protective for your baby. Many mums will give colostrum for one feed or for the first few days – even if they do not wish to continue with breastfeeding.”


Best Beginnings is an excellent website all about babies, becoming a parent and breastfeeding. Take a look and follow the story of four women from their pregnancy through to successfully breastfeeding their babies.


Having your baby close with skin to skin and offering a first feed soon after the birth can really help breastfeeding get off to a great start.

Many mums also find that understanding how to get the baby on to the breast well will help her to feel comfortable breastfeeding, and will also help baby to get the milk that mum is making. Your midwife will be able to give you information on positioning and attachment during your antenatal visits so you are prepared for when you baby arrives, and of course midwives and support staff will be there to help you with your first feeds too.

Many women decide to breastfeed due to all the health benefits it gives to baby and to mum.


Video: Positioning and Attachment.

Video: Laid Back Breastfeeding

Video: How to Hand Express

Graphic: Baby Attaching on the Breast


Building a loving relationship with your new baby will give them the best possible start in life, and will help them to grow up happy and confident.


Useful website links:

Local information

Local resources to help you with breastfeeding are available here:

Finding Support

As with learning anything new, getting the right support can make a big difference. Your midwife and health visitor will be able to help you with all aspects of feeding your baby. Also, lots of mums find that meeting other mums that are breastfeeding to share tips with and to support each other can really help.

Support groups:

Breastfeeding Helplines

Also you can also use one of the breastfeeding support telephone help lines.

Having good information about how breastfeeding works can help you get off to a good start and the right support can help you to keep going.

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