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Becoming a Dad can be a real roller coaster of emotions, just like your partner you’ll go through a range of experiences and can expect hugely happy and exciting times, as well as some less so fun occasions!

The important thing is to ensure you feel supported and able to support your partner. At times you will really need each other and the help you’ll be able to give will be key in building confidence in both you and your partner. Remember you are in this together so make the most of that and keep talking to each other. Also know that whatever you face, others have gone through similar experiences so are there to help.

Here is what one Dad told us:

‘I remember the joy of holding my son for the first time and not wanting to let go of him. I was so excited about being a dad, even though I didn’t really know what kind of dad I wanted to be right then. Four years down the line, I am so proud of our son and who he is. I can truly say spending time with him on my own and as a family has been the best time of my life, sure we’ve had some tough times and doubts about decisions we’ve made, the bottom line is that we are all learning and only you know what’s best for you and your family.’

There are books and  lots of online places to find support; we’ve listed below some independent writers, national organisations and bloggers for you to reach out to. If in doubt about anything, ask!  Whether it’s friends, family, midwife, GP, health visitor they are usually happy to help, when they can.


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“It only takes 30 min. to rewire father’s brain. Every father should have 30 min. skin-to-skin in the first day of life.” -Dr. Nils Bergman





The Expectant Dad’s Handbook is a brilliant book. A midwife reviewed it here, and found it to be exceptional, easy to read, accurate and resources.


Men, Love and Birth by Mark Harris. Mark is a midwife, adult educator, hypnotherapist and NLP trainer who runs a programme called Birthing for Blokes


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